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GPA Scotland is officially recognised by the Police Service of Scotland, the Scottish Police Authority and the Scottish Government as the Diversity Staff Association of gay/lesbian and bisexual police officers and staff in Scotland. We do not replace nor supercede any statutory police staff association or trade union.

However, with hundreds of gay/lesbian and bisexual members from all across Scotland, we do offer a unique perspective of policing from an LGB point of view.

Whether you are gay/lesbian or bisexual within the police service or someone looking for advice and/or assistance, we are here to help.

You do not have to be a member of GPA Scotland (or gay/bisexual) in order to ask for our assistance. Our volunteers are committed to helping you no matter what the issue.

We understand that some issues can be highly personal and often difficult to talk about. You can be assured that all communication with GPA Scotland shall be treated sensitively and in the strictest confidence. Primarily we are here to listen. We can make interventions on your behalf however only having discussed any course of action with you fully.

Peer support

GPA Scotland organise, and participate in, a number of events throughout the year in which members and supporters can attend. All members can attend our Executive Committee meetings. Members can also join our private Facebook Group.


Anyone can contact us for advice and support. All contact with us is treated in the strictest confidence. It can be personal, workplace related or operational.


Membership is open to anyone currently working for or retired from the police services operating in Scotland. We also offer Support Membership for non-police personnel. Members receive regular newsletters and emails keeping people up to date with all matters relating to LGB and policing.

Community engagement

GPA Scotland work with a large number of LGB and T organisations operating in Scotland and participate in LGBT community events such as Pride. No matter what sector, charity, public, private and media, we are more than happy to engage with you.

International Co-operation

We are full members of the European LGBT Police Association (EGPA) which includes 14 European nations and their respective GPA. We have strong links across Europe and America which benefits our association, our members and the wider police service through our co-operation.