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Makeup Vanity Cases

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A makeup case is a very important accessory that every woman should own to help organize cosmetics. In addition to being an added convenience when traveling, a makeup case enables one to feel confident and stress-free. Choosing a makeup case is not very difficult; the main factor to consider is the intended use of the case; whether you will be using it on a regular basis or on special occasions. This way, you will be able to choose the right material and size to ensure the durability of your makeup case. A makeup vanity case is a good choice for any woman who is looking for convenience when organizing her cosmetics. Here are some features to look out for in a makeup vanity case;

•The size of the case

Different people need different sizes of makeup cases. This is because of the different choices of makeup products people use, and the number of cosmetic products you need to carry along with you. For people that usually aim for a moderate and almost natural look, a smaller case would suffice because they have fewer products to carry. People that own a lot of makeup products, on the other hand, need a bigger case.

•The design of the vanity case

In most cases, it is more convenient to buy one that has compartments where you can arrange the different types of cosmetic products you have. These kinds of cases ensure that you are able to find your cosmetic products with much more ease. They are convenient for carrying cosmetic products both casually and on a professional level. It also avoids the mix-up of products that should be stored separately.


Mineral Makeup For a Natural Healthy Skin

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Makeup and why you should use it…

Most ladies love to apply makeup to beautify themselves. But when buying the makeup, you should consider the one with mineral ingredients. This is because rather than just offering beautification, they also offer skincare and increase protection to our body. They can also be applied at any age. Before buying mineral makeup, this is the information about it and its benefits.

What is mineral makeup?

It is new idea, the modern trend in skincare and beauty, and an innovative makeup, which contain more than 95% mineral ingredients making it based on a natural formula. This sort of makeup nurses the skin naturally because it does not contain any chemical like colorants, preservatives, alcohol, and perfume that may cause skin allergy.

Reasons why people should use it

  1. It is more beneficial to the skin

Antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals shield the skin against toxic factors, refreshes the skin and rejuvenate it. Provides your skin with a healthy and a brighter look to all type of skins because its ingredients reflect the freshness and light. Also, this formula aid you in case you got inflammation or irritating skin generated by calming, healing the skin and skin peelings.

  1. Able to provide skin protection from ultraviolet radiations

We all know how sun radiations can be harmful to our skin, and sometimes we opt to apply cream to protect our skin. With mineral makeup can compliment sun rays because it contains zinc oxide in its composition that acts as skin protection from immature ageing which is caused by skin exposure to the sun.

  1. This makeup does not burden the skin

The product powder is so fine, delicate and light that you will not even perceive you are wearing it. The skin acquires a coverage that is even with easy and normal breathing. It also stays fresh the whole day, because it is much resistant than other makeups.

  1. Can be applied to any skin

Even if you have dry or fat skin, this kind of makeup adjusts correctly, providing a cover that is even and perfect aspects, radiating and live. In case you have sensitive skin, don’t fear again, because the skin fully tolerates this natural makeup, does not dry it and clog the pores.

  1. It has no side effects.

any lady can apply this makeup, despite the skin or age issues, because the product formula is natural and provides naturalness and lightness to the skin.

  1. Covering wrinkles perfectly

This makeup does not gather around the eyelids and can treat wrinkles and face line by smoothening them. Long term use of it diminishes the wrinkles and has a lifting effect. It will make your skin young, more fresh and brighter because of mineral makeup light-reflecting ingredients.

  1. this make do not harm the sin if not removed

There is no problem if you are going to bed without removing your makeup. More so this makeup last longer and you will be amazed in the following morning when you find the make is still fresh and ok! But it is good and recommended to remove all the makeup before you sleep even it is not harmful to the easy breathing of the pores.

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Who Needs a Vanity Case?

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Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen photographs of our favourite makeup artists rocking the latest makeup cases. However, makeup cases aren’t just for the professionals among us. Though vanity cases are perfect for professional use, they’re also ideal for storing all of your everyday makeup products. Whether you are someone with a tonne of products or someone who prefers to stick to the basics, a vanity case is sure to make everything a lot more organised. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to transport makeup from A to B without worrying about anything spilling, leaking or breaking.

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